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Trained Security Guards for Any Event in Greenwich, London

Here at Efsam Global Security Ltd, our management boasts more than 100 years of experience arranging security guards for our clients. From private security, to key-holding and alarm response, we offer customers across Greenwich, London, an expansive service.


Corporate Security

For elite functions, corporate buildings, and prestigious venues, we deliver top-quality security guards. Dealing with V.I.P. guests, we handle meet-and-greets and ensure the appropriate management of public safety. For any one event, we provide up to 25 security door supervisors.

Retail Security

Retail Security

Efsam Security sustains high levels of service when securing your building. Our security officers maintain strict guidelines in agreement with any of your instructions, making sure to still meet and greet employees and visitors in a polite and professional manner. All our staff are trained in health and safety and they ensure that you do not have to worry about unauthorised access or crowd management.

Key-Holding and Alarm Response

Key-Holding and Alarm Response

Reduce the responsibility and minimise risk on your own staff by using our key-holding and alarm response services. By choosing us, you have a security team trained to deal with out-of-hours emergency alarms, helping to reduce any serious incidents in the case of actual intruders. Our security teams make certain that premises are fully secure before leaving, and provide fully detailed reports for all actions carried out.

Manned-Guarding and Vacant Properties

Manned-Guarding and Vacant Properties

Protecting you assets with trained professionals, we ensure that your empty property or building is safe and secure at all times. Our team work within your guidelines to maintain any issues with unauthorised access and crowd management. If our team need to meet any clients at all, they are fully trained to greet guests and visitors in a polite and professional manner.

Construction and Building Site Security

Construction and Building Site Security

Construction sites can be a dangerous place, especially with the hazard of unauthorised access from visitors. Our 24-hour service for clients across London offers you full security on your building site, helping to prevent any unnecessary injuries or deaths.

Club and Hotel Security

Club and Hotel Security

Our trained security guards help to prevent any theft or vandalism from unwanted guests at your hotel or nightclub. A presence alone is enough to deter, and with our smartly-dressed and distinctly uniformed staff, you need not worry about troublemakers or thieves.

Concierges and Portal Security

Concierges and Portal Security

As either a temporary or permanent solution, we supply our clients with trained, professional concierges. Our officers are always smartly dressed and try to prevent any unwanted intruders and keep your premises secure.


Security Training

Training is a key factor in providing the best security possible. We offer full SIA certification for all door and supervisor staff. The training we offer also provides staff with the option of higher-level security, should they want to go above and beyond their current role.

Event Security

Event Security

Event security is a complex arrangement, especially within the London boroughs. At Efsam Global, we lift that pressure from you and provide trained and qualified staff to cover all aspects of your event. Prevent any incidents at your event using our trained staff, which includes the following personnel:

  • Stewards
  • Crowd Management Officers
  • Search Team Officers
  • Gatehouse Staff
  • Risk Assessment Officers
  • Back Stage Security

Get in touch with Efsam Global Security in Greenwich, London, to hire our security guards as your private security.